Nuclear Engineer Resume Sample

Nuclear Engineers supervise nuclear facilities to ensure their safety and efficiency. They are responsible for developing innovative solutions to technical problems, testing designs, evaluating systems, conducting research, supervising nuclear reactors and maintaining safe levels of radiation. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering. Nuclear engineers must demonstrate analytical, communication, detail-oriented, math, problem-solving, logic and organizational skills.

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The Best Nuclear Engineer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Nuclear Engineer resumes for your reference.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Oversight of radiological regulations during maintenance of nuclear systems.
  • Oversight of engineers, radiological technicians, production personnel, and active military during performance of maintenance on nuclear reactor systems.
  • Reviewed and approved technical work documents for nuclear maintenance.
  • Proved that robotics and automation can be more than service providers in improving production and efficiency for nuclear plants.
  • Analyzed nuclear power plant maintenance data, determined specific maintenance problems, and produced an actionable plan to maintain clean, safe nuclear plants.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Led and supervise a team of engineers and technicians working on various engineering projects.
  • Design, build, test, and modify different facilities to accommodate clients and projects needs.
  • Directed and coordinate operation, testing, and maintenance for different facilities.
  • Wrote and review monthly reports and daily project progress updates to clients.
  • Oversee and provide calibrations and validations for various instruments prior to each task.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Quality Engineer supporting the Operation and Manufacturing of Critical Control Valves and Supported Sales for New Projects for the Nuclear industry.
  • Implementing and Improving Quality Processes and Procedures while implementing Lean Initiatives for Nuclear Safety Related and Non-Safety Related Components in Accordance with Quality Assurance Program, 10CFR appendix B and per ASME Code Standards, ISO9001, AS9100 and/or Customer Design Specifications.
  • Qualify Welders and Weld Qualification Procedures for Valve Design Group.
  • Analyzed nuclear power plant maintenance data, determined specific maintenance problems, and produced an actionable plan to maintain clean, safe nuclear plants.
  • Approved construction of a grid-tie system with battery storage at the Clark County Nuclear Power Plant.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Led Testing Engineer, Senior Reactor Operator, Reactor Operations Specialist and Non-Destructive Testing (specialization in Neutron Radiography) Level II.
  • I oversee operations/ operate and maintain a nuclear research and test reactor and associated ancillary systems.
  • Supervise and approve various tests for non-destructive testing (neutron radiography) and test sample irradiation.
  • Responsible for the design, fabrication, and testing of nuclear reactor materials and components for nuclear research and test reactor, as well as fixtures for explosives, energetics, and DoD/aerospace critical equipment.
  • Supervised construction of new biomass-fueled power generation facility for Las Vegas Energy at the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Responsible for developing Temporary Modifications when they are identified as being required to maintain Systems, Structures or Components in-service.
  • Responsible for the initial Engineering support/development of troubleshooting to address Emergent Operational Issues.
  • Hierarchy of troubleshooting is first Operations, then Maintenance, then Maintenance Tech Support and then Engineering.
  • Functioned as a Senior Project Manager, submitting project plans on time, meeting budgets, and producing high-quality products.
  • Designed and implemented equipment, control circuits, and control systems for a nuclear power plant.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Preparing Commercial Grade Dedications (CGD) & Commercial Grade Procurement & Acceptance packages.
  • Responsible for Performing PE-Evaluations by considering Original design specification data (ASME codes, IEEE requirements, test requirements) Environmental & Seismic qualification, Item acceptability, Packaging, shipping, and Documentation such as Certified Material Test Reports (CMTR) Equipment drawings.
  • Reviewing design documents, vendor manuals and drawings for material needs and specifications.
  • Prepared Item Equivalency evaluations including safety classification.
  • Established technical relationships with chemical companies to obtain copyrighted formulas.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Managed a budget of over $2 million per year supporting over 2 dozen supplemental programs.
  • Performed duties of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operators (INPO) Coordinator including managing the weekly Operating Experience Review Committee Meeting.
  • Created Civil Design Change Packages with calculations utilizing various methodologies including the RISA structural modeling application and HEC flooding modeling application.
  • Developed the initial Maintenance Rule inspection plan for concrete structures for the Control/Radwaste Building.
  • Commissioned specialized equipment/components; operated and maintained the equipment/components.

Nuclear Safety Engineer

  • Has successfully developed the computational model of VVER-design light water reactor (unit 3 of Kalinin NPP and units 2 and 3 of Rostov NPP) based on coupled neutron thermal hydraulic code.
  • The model was used for supporting the review of safety analysis reports, for core performance calculations and transient and accident analysis (uncontrolled control rod assembly withdrawal, rod ejection etc.).
  • Has developed the code for calculation of cross sections libraries for fuel assemblies of VVER-1000 (based on WIMS code).
  • Demonstrated ability to work with diverse personalities in a team environment; encouraged creativity and problem-solving.
  • Performed functions of mid-level management; supervised unit crew.

Electrical – Nuclear Engineer

  • Designed and modified SONGS security systems including intrusion detection systems, access control, video monitoring systems for CAS & SAS Alarm Stations, SGI rooms, NSPF Turnstiles and M-Fields.
  • Provided support for EWIN team during outages and also plant day to day emergent activities with electrical and design support composed of providing engineering support, technical evaluations and providing robust and timely Temporary design change packages.
  • Experienced in interfacing, over sighting and coordinating design engineering work activities with external vendors and preparing procurement documents, bid packages and bid evaluations.
  • Experienced in interfacing with operations, maintenance, work control and construction in managing and providing oversight during the initiation, implementation, testing and turnover of design modifications.
  • Researched, designed, and implemented new methods of creating safe uranium processing cores.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Demonstrated experience managing and implementing complex engineering projects, including identifying, maintaining and/or adjusting the cost, scope, and resources, overseeing vendors and internal project staff, and overseeing the formal planning, tracking, and reporting of project performance.
  • Developed and implementation of long term strategies for system reliability and Life Cycle Management resulting in significant reductions in operation and maintenance costs.
  • Developed Preventative Maintenance Optimization Plans for structures, systems and components.
  • Prepared and present Quarterly System Health Reports and Recovery Plans to Senior Management and Site VPs.
  • A developed a new facility for the storage of enriched uranium that met the requirements for Nuclear Regulatory Commission safety levels.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Was the leader in generating several AREVA Vendor Qualification Program (VQP) core designs (Cycles 17, 18 and 19).
  • Performed with vendor 24 months cycle feasibility study using advanced Burnable Absorbers such as: Erbia, Gad, IFBA and Gad + IFBA.
  • Evaluated and provided to management the results of short cycle length (18 months) against 24 months cycle length for SONGS.
  • Initiated a safety program for the plant which reduced radiation exposure to workers by 50%.
  • Constantly promoted anti-pollution cause by suggesting ways of decreasing CO emissions.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Preventive Maintenance (PM); Reviewed the PM Basis to determine the adequacy of the PM Strategy in order to improve the PM Program.
  • Updated the existing PM Template or created new PM Templates, as necessary.
  • Analyzed the PM results and Craft Feedback (CFB) to determine the opportunity for improvement.
  • Coordinated among Engineering, Maintenance, and Work Control to perform the PM Safely, Correctly, and Efficiently.
  • Founded and organized an association for the advancement of Nuclear Engineering; used as a resource to University students, government agencies, and private companies.

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